1. CrossPods recommends taking a quick look at our ABOUT section. Just to get an understanding of our mission, how we can help, and how you can become part of our tribe.

  2. Then you can either SUBMIT your podcast to the tribe, browse our amazing creators, OR you can check out our CALENDAR to see who and where you want to advertise your business, product or podcast.

  3. Once you SUBMIT your podcast, look out for an email from out team welcoming you to the tribe!

  4. OR, once you pick a podcaster & register for a episode release date with them, head over to the CROSSPODS STORE & purchase an ad package. Make sure to fill out the information accurately & completely! We will let you know ASAP whether your ad purchase has been accepted.

Sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest!

Do I pay for advertising? Yes. Please note that CrossPods charges a small service fee (10%) with the remaining 90% paid directly to the podcast creator. You can purchase the advertising product on the store page. You will provide the information for the podcaster who will be advertising for you and other placement details/directions. Once the episode is live, CrossPods will directly transfer payment to the podcaster for their promotion.

Will CrossPods offer pre-recorded ad options in the future? YES! We will be adding the option of purchasing ad space to play pre-recorded (provided by the advertiser/business) to play on available podcasts soon! Please subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when this service is available for purchase.

Do I provide a script for the advertisement? Yes, once you purchase the advertisement, write the script for your ad, and enter it in the text box provided during checkout.

*HELP* What should I include in my advertisement script?
Make sure you include the following:
1. Your Podcast (or business) name
2. The Host(s) (or owner) Name(s)
3. What your Podcast (business) is about
4. When you release new episodes (or what products you sell)
5. Where listeners can find your podcast (or store)
6. Any other important information (this can include discount codes, sales etc)


How soon are payments processed? At this time, payments will be processed every Sunday night 10pm PST. We will always verify that the Episode with the advertisments purchased is live before transferring any funds to the podcast creator. IF you have any issues, as a podcast creator, or the advertiser please contact us immediately with your order details & concerns. We will respond ALWAYS within 1 business day.

Payment Information: CrossPods uses Paypal to send your funds to you. Please setup a Paypal Account to accept payments. Paypal insurers the entire transaction. This allows CrossPods to safely assure that advertisers money is protected and that podcast creator payments are protected. Through Paypal we can offer refunds to both you & the advertiser in cases of fraudulent activity. Everyone is covered. We value your privacy and security & great customer service are our top concerns.

PayPal fees: Please make sure to read through the Paypal fees collected on funds received so that we are all well informed! Any fees charged to CrossPods for holding and transferring the funds after the ads are live are the responsibility of CrossPods. We will never charge you extra just to cover Paypal transaction or any major credit/debit card transaction fees. That’s just not the type of company we are. However, you may be charged by Paypal to transfer the money out of your Paypal account to your banking accounts or other money transfer apps. Once you receive your 90% of the advertising funds any fees charged to you through your choice of money transfer services is your responsibility. Here is the Paypal Fee page for further information.

Do podcast creators get to approve OR/ reject ad space purchased on their podcast? ***YES!*** We know that our listeners are trusting us with their time. They choose to tune in every week because they value our content & our recommendations. CrossPods believes that you, as a creator should always have a choice on which products/podcasts/ OR business & companies you advertise for. So yes, we will always email you & get your answer before proceeding with each transaction.

How long does this take? Depending on how responsive both the ad purchaser, and the podcast creator are, the purchase and accept process should take 1-3 business days. Please account for this time when purchasing ad space.

What happens if a podcast creator rejects my ad space purchase? If your ad space purchase is not accepted by a podcaster, CrossPods will refund your money immediately. No service fee will be collected. We ask the creators to list out the types of products OR ads they will not accept on the public CALENDAR. *PLEASE READ THEIR ANSWERS CAREFULLY & RESPECT THE CREATORS GUIDELINES.* IF you have any questions or are unsure, please head to that creators podcast listing ( in the PODCAST section) and use the form to email us your questions. We usually respond within 1 business day and can help you find a home for your ad.

Do I need to do anything else after the Advertisement is posted?
*** YES ***
Individuals who purchased ad space are encouraged to post a review of their experience in the podcasters CrossPods listing. You can do this by heading to that podcasters page and add a comment review of the podcast creator & detailing your experience.

What if I want to cross promote? Creators that want to cross promote (both advertising the other on their podcast) can simply buy the desired Cross Promotion ad package on the store page of CrossPods. Both individuals will be required to follow the regular procedure as stated above. *** Please Note: Cross Promotion is free since both parties are exchanging ads. CrossPods goal is to create a tribe of cross promoters who care about each others success! ***

Is there a fee for the CrossPods service? Yes, CrossPods collects 10% off each advertisement package to assist with managing the directory, reviews, and directing payments to the CrossPods Tribe members. So your total purchase includes the 10% service fee and the remaining 90% goes to the podcaster advertising on their platform. We will never charge you extra just to cover Paypal transaction or any major credit/debit card transaction fees. That’s just not the type of company we are. Please Note: Cross Promotion is free since both parties are exchanging ads.

Does CrossPods Charge per 1000 downloads? No, we know how hard it is to get consistent downloads over the thousands. For many creators this holds them back from being paid by larger companies. Here at CrossPods, we know that your listeners trust you, and value your recommendations. So do we. CrossPods charges a simple flat rate per episode, so that all sizes of pods can make an income, and all sizes of business/ podcast advertisers can participate. Which means they get more time/ money to create the work we love! All ad packages are a flat rate.

As a sponsor, can I cancel my subscription at any time? Yes, we understand that sometimes unexpected events may come up. You simply have to contact us at WYN@LShompole.com OR/ sign in to your customer account and cancel your 4 week sponsorship subscription. Once you cancel, we will communicate with the creator and let them know & assure that your account is no longer charged. Please make sure to cancel at least 3 days before that weeks ad has been posted. If the ad has already been posted, you will not receive a refund for that one, but you will not be charged for the remaining ads in the package.

Will the price for advertising ever increase? Yes. While our goal is to make you [The Podcaster/ or Creator] more money for the art you work so hard to create. We also want to keep advertising affordable for smaller creations so we will never raise prices to crazy amounts! As the CrossPods Tribe grows, we hope to increase the price of advertisements so that creators can have a side income from their artwork. The CrossPods team understands how hard it is to do work that you are passionate about, without getting paid for it. We want to make it easier for you to choose and make your life the way you want it to be, and the best way for you to do that is to have additional streams of income every single week. We will always send out a poll through email or on our website, to get your input on price increases before changing the current pricing structure. We value your input and will always aim to make this platform fit our podcast creators/tribes needs.

*AS A CREATOR* How much can I earn by joining CrossPods? You can advertise on as many of your episodes as you want to through out the year. There is no limit. You can even do more than 1 ad per episode. That means, you can earn as much as you would like depending on how much ad space you sell. You can always access the calendar here to update your availability & ad space requirements. CrossPods will update the calendar every Sunday 10pm PST.

*AS A Company/BUSINESS* Can I do more than one (1) advertisement per episode? Yes! Simply purchase separate advertisement packages on the store page for each podcast you intend to advertise on. Or better yet, purchase the 60 second Ad or sponsorship option. Fill out the information with the requested details and CrossPods will handle the rest. ***Just remember posting a review (in the comments) on the podcaster that you worked with on their CrossPods podcast listing. Podcast creators can reply to the comments to post their review of you as an advertiser. This helps others know how your partnership went & whether they would like to work with either the advertiser or the individual purchasing ad space. ***

Can I join if I am not a Podcaster?
No, at this moment CrossPods is focused on creating a space where podcasters can cross promote and network with each other. However, CrossPods would love to eventually offer this service to other creatives like painters, film makers, musicians, Youtubers etc.... If you are interested, please join our mailing list and we will notify you as soon as we reach that stage!

Can I buy ads if I am not a Podcaster? Yes! Anyone is welcome to purchase ad space on any podcast listed in the CrossPods Tribe. You can either fill out the form at the bottom of the podcast you’d like to advertise on or simply head to the store page and purchase the desired ad package & fill out the information. If you are unsure where to advertise, the CrossPods Team can help with that. Simply head to the Contact Us page and send us a quick email. If you do decide to start a podcast later on, feel free to submit your podcast to CrossPods to start getting paid for your art!

Got more questions? Head over to our CONTACT page & send us a message with your specific concerns or check out CrossPods Guide . We will get back to you within 1 business day!