Hello, welcome to CrossPods.

CrossPods is a community directory of passionate podcasters who support creatives world wide.

What we do: Here at CrossPods we want to help you reach more people, get paid for your art, and form a tribe of people willing and able to not only mentor you, but also contribute to your success. We aim to provide a list of podcasters who are willing and able to advertise other podcasts/creators on their episodes.

Why should you join CrossPods? Many creators, especially podcasters, find it difficult to get their podcasts discovered by individuals that would love it, once they find it. The problem is, with all the content online, it’s easy for great podcasts to get lost in the jumble. CrossPods helps creators get more listeners by cross promoting on various podcasts. This means more people can find out about you and your artwork. Head over to the FAQ page to find out how we do this, and what you can earn by joining!

Mission: To create a tribe of creatives who support, mentor & advocate for each other through their hard earned platforms.

Goal: To connect creatives and listeners through 30 second pre-rolls, mid-rolls, or post-roll adverts on a multitude of podcasts.

The CrossPods Story:

Founded April 2019 by Lydia Shompole, the host of “The What You Need Podcast” & the “Creepy Tech Podcast” in Seattle, WA.

The problem that birthed CrossPods was the lack of avenues for podcast creators to get paid for advertising. Companies were only interested in paying for advertising on pods that had thousands of downloads per episode and large listener bases.

It quickly became evident that creating a platform where podcasters could find and arrange for 30 second ads on each others podcasts would help creatives not only make money on their smaller podcasts, but also form a network of individuals that cared about each others success.

Shompole thought: “What if we [creators] took back control of our creations while also getting paid for it? What would that look like, and how many people could we help?”

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